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Oceanic Beauty

  • Tangalle

    Oceanic Beauty

    The palm fringed bay and picturesque coves of Tangalle are a natural treasure, with a lazy town littered with gentle reminders of the Dutch days of the 18th century and beautiful villas looking out over shimmering sands at Seenimodera. Located 195 kilometers form the beautiful capital Colombo and 35km east of Matara, is a pleasant fishing port situated on one of the finest and largest bays in the island, which is protected from the ocean by an enclosing reef. You can arrive at this exquisite destination both by train and bus or hired transport with in 4 to 5 hours.

    Exhibiting fine beaches, good swimming and more than reasonable diving, it is a popular destination on the south coast. It is believed that the name is derived from ran-gala or golden rock, from a legend that tells of a time when a holy man once partook of a meal there, and the rock was turned to gold whilst further research also reveals that it means the projecting rock, because long ago the town was protected from the ocean by a long rocky slab that projected into the sea across the mouth of the bay.

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  • Ambalangoda



    Situated 87 km from the capital of the island Colombo, is the small amazing town of Ambalangoda, a coastal town located along the coastal ride towards Galle, where you will see fearsome looking masks on display at establishments lining the road. A town famous for the carving of masks used in exorcism ceremonies and several forms of dance-drama by the local cultures of the country Ambalangoda could be reached by train in 3hours and 2 to 21/2 half hours by bus or hired transport. It is very weird yet wonderful, to find a town almost in the middle of this tourist development, which is exceedingly low-key, un-exposed and under-developed but famous for mask-carving – that is the town of Ambalangoda.

    Ambalangoda unlike the other coastal areas does not posses the beauty nor the surfing waves or the vibrant beach water activities or the fine white sandy beaches but rather is a suitable location of adventure and discovery rather than relaxation and luxury. It is a town with a long stretch of wild beach you can explore all to yourself, whilst giving you a feeling of seclusion hard to find on this coast.

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